The Energy Audit Of A Whole Home Performance Is A Thorough Evaluation Of All The Comfort Systems Of Your Home.

 Do You Want to Buy A New System of Comfort?

As explained in the Free Special Reports of the Comfort Institute coupled with the recommendation of EPA and DOE, which says before purchasing a new indoor system of comfort, you are expected to ask your cooling and heating contractor to undertake diagnostic testing as well as the calculations of computerized equipment sizing.

Do You Have Cold or Hot Spots?

A  Comprehensive House Comfort Checkup is going to reveal the cause and the thing you can do to remedy it.

What If the Family Members  Have Asthma or Allergies?

Your abode may be a contributory factor to your discomfort. A  Comprehensive Checkup of House Comfort will reveal ways of making your home safer and healthier.

Is the Air Within Your House Too Humid or Too Dry?

Improper control of humidity can result in dry skin, static shocks, and nose bleeding in the winter while mildew, mold, and structural defects can occur during the summer. A  Comprehensive Checkup of House Comfort is going to reveal ways of helping you regulate the humidity within your abode.

Are the Amounts You Pay for Utility  Too High?

In the words of the Energy Department, the usual home wastes between 25%  and 40% of energy through the use of the heat pump,  air conditioner, or central furnace. Are you squandering 25% to 40% of each utility dollar? You should find out whether you are and way of stopping it!