The steps taken in purchasing a  house can be very stressful.

Inspecting a  house before buying it will put your mind at rest. However,  most of the time, you need to take in a  great deal of information within a short period: you must take a look at a checklist, photographs, written report, environmental reports,  as well as what the inspector says in the course of the inspection. The combination of all these factors plus the disclosure of the seller and the thing you notice makes the experience overwhelming sometimes.

What are you expected to do?

Do not worry yourself.  The greater part of your inspection is going to be recommendations on maintenance, the life expectancy of the house you want to buy and minor blemishes. It is good to know about all these.  However, the issues which truly matter can be placed in four categories:

Major imperfections like a structural failure.

Things  which result in major defects,  like  minor leaks of roof  flashing

Things which are capable of making it impossible for you to spend money on your home, insure, or legally occupy it.

Safety hazards,  like an unprotected, live buss bar present on the electric panel.

Issues in all categories ought to be taken care of.  Usually, a serious issue can be corrected without spending a lot of money to protect lives and property,  particularly in categories 2 & 4.

 The majority of sellers are down-to-earth and are often taken aback to learn of imperfections revealed in the course of an inspection; however,  they are not under any obligation to effect the repair of all things stated in the report.

The Professional Inspections undertaken by us proffer comprehensive solutions to all issues identified while checking more than 80 items having about 400 points.

Take a look at a Sample of the Report we provide upon the completion of our Home Inspection.

You should keep it at the back of your mind that there is No perfect home!

Things must be kept in perspective. You should not terminate your deal over trivial matters. It is not right to ask a seller to address postponed maintenance conditions listed on the disclosure of the seller or treating items in unnecessary details