Eventually, your would-be buyers will carry out an inspection. It is important for you to know beforehand what the would-be buyers will find. Undertaking an inspection ahead of time assists in several other ways:

  • It makes it possible for you to have a critical assessment of your home a third party.
  • It assists you to know the actual worth of the house you want to sell.
  • It allows you to undertake necessary repairs prior to inspections by would-be buyers, so that:
  • Defects will not reduce the market value of the house you want to sell.
  • There will be no delay in getting the permit for Use & Occupancy.
  • You will have enough time to find moderately priced contractors or undertake the repairs on your own if you can.
  • It is capable of encouraging the buyer to set aside the contingency of inspection.
  • It may remind you of things that require urgent attention, such as heavy termite infestation or the presence of radon gas.
  • It may relieve the concerns and suspicions of would-be buyers.
  • It helps reduce your obligation through the addition of documentation supporting your profession to the statement on your disclosure.
  • Calling your attention to safety issues that need urgent attention prior to the tour of your home by visitors and agents.

Copies of the report of inspection together with receipts for any repairs ought to be shown to would-be buyers.