Structural Inspections in Maryland

Perhaps your home inspector discovered a structural problem which they were unable to address. Probably you are purchasing a  century-old farmhouse which has settling floors with a very old fieldstone foundation. Possibly you just want additional peace of mind while you are purchasing your dream house. If, In any case,  you desire a structural inspection undertaken by a licensed engineer in Maryland,  Kemp Home Inspections is your best bet. We undertake comprehensive structural assessments of residential and commercial properties. Upon request, we also undertake structural certification.

Overall, we provide three categories of services.


Special Structural Assessment Undertaken by an Engineer

Occasionally, there is a  certain structural problem which is a source of worry to you, such as a crack in the foundation, damage caused by a fallen branch of a tree, or damage caused by termites. In all cases, we have seasoned engineers on our staff who render specific structural inspection services which are meant to take care of the issue at hand.  When the assessment is completed, you are going to get a comprehensive report on inspection including a  suggested course of action.


Full Structural Evaluation Undertaken by an Engineer

A full structural evaluation refers to the structural component of the regular home inspection.  However, it incorporates further investigation. A full structural evaluation of residential properties lasts for one to two hours. The entire structural components, such as the foundation, the walls, the roof, the floor, trusses, and structural framing are subjected to inspection.


Routine Home Inspection Involving Structural Assessment

When you engage the services of Kemp Home Inspections, LLC, you will get your structural issues addressed as a  bonus for every inspection. A number of inspection firms usually suggest getting a structural engineer to evaluate home conditions. With us, it is not necessary to hire a structural engineer in order to obtain advice. Each of our inspectors is specifically trained to discern the point at which structural conditions need the attention of a structural engineer, and in situations wherein our non-engineer inspector finds situations which demand additional knowledge and skills, we are going to provide an engineer at no extra cost.

Structural Certifications in Maryland

County inspectors, lenders, and even purchasers occasionally ask for a structural certification of a property. Typically, the requirement has to do with repairs of a structural component or non-standard construction. Inspectors of homes occasionally suggest a certification any time they find damage or construction techniques they are seeing for the first time.

A structural certification refers to a document made available by a  certified engineer or a professional engineer which states how to fit for use a structural system is. Most of the time, the document is requested for any time the structural components are not in line with approved standards of practice or when repairs have been carried out on structural components. Usually, any structural destruction caused by storms or termites needs a structural certification.

If you reside in Maryland and require a structural certification,  you can reach out to us, we’ll be very glad to assist you

Certification Services of Mobile Home Foundation

Structural Monitoring in Maryland

One vital understanding of the inspections of structures is that inspectors usually look at a property once and offer suggestions based on that one-time visit. It is only occasionally that an inspector knows the time a crack in a foundation first appeared, or for how long damage to water system has been there. For instance, a structural crack,  which has been there for two decades and remained the same is a different kettle of fish from a crack which surfaced a fortnight ago. It is equally essential to be aware that it is almost always impossible for an inspector to see 100 percent of a structure in the course of evaluation as a reasonable part of the structure is hidden behind insulation and walls. That explains why inspectors often suggest structural monitoring.

 Structural monitoring is aimed at reducing costs.  An inspector can easily recommend repairs any time a structural problem is discovered. However, in a number of cases cracks in a foundation or drywall are examples of conditions which might have been there for years and are now the cracking have stopped. As structural repairs cost a lot of money, monitoring conditions appears to be the best approach.

Structural monitoring usually requires comprehensive measurements at a regular interval, typically many months apart. The purpose is to find out whether the condition is stable or changing (active). In the majority of cases, if the conditions remain unchanged for several months, or manifest negligible change for a year, they are regarded as acceptable.

Kemp Home Inspections, in a bid to help its clients, undertakes structural monitoring for both commercial and residential properties in the Virginia, Maryland,  and DC areas. The cost of monitoring is cheaper than what people expect as follow-up visits are usually less than half an hour after an initial evaluation,