Chimney Inspection

We utilize present day fireplace assessment and upkeep procedures so as to teach and enable you to defend and keep up the estimation of your home. 

We utilize the most recent assessment methods to decide the neatness, usefulness and security of smokestacks, chimneys, and your homes’ key warming machines including: 

Gas Furnaces
Water Heaters
Oil Furnaces
Wood Stoves
Pellet Stoves
Gas Fireplaces


After some time, results of the ignition procedure develop within your fireplace. At times, trash amasses and can obstruct the stream of ignition gases. 

In the two cases, it ends up important to “clear” the smokestack so as to altogether examine the pipe and advance legitimate venting of any chimney or apparatus venting through the stack.

Your chimney clear begins with a LEVEL 2 Inspection. This is a start to finish, all around, visual examination. We take exhaustive notes on the state of your stack, chimney, wood stove, addition, or heater and water warmer funnels. 


When the underlying review is done, we will prescribe a breadth and clean the pipe of any development that may disable our capacity to finish the assessment of the inside of your chimney. When the investigation is finished, we will talk about the examinations results and our proposals with you and organize any fixes dependent on your info. 

We will email you the investigation report including shading photographs taken amid the assessment. 

Sometimes, your stack vent may have a counterbalanced or other condition that makes it hard to finish the visual investigation. In these cases it winds up important to play out a video sweep of the smokestack pipe. Smokestack examines are $180 or $255 for the output and breadth. 

How frequently should the fireplace be cleared? 

A fireplace cleaning ought to be finished by the stack clears proposal. We clean chimneys, wood stoves, pellet stoves, and heater pipes.

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