Structural Design

Our structural engineers go the extra mile to get the best approach for each project. Our design approach which focuses on solution makes use of advanced methods to visualize, model and deliver well-blended designs which benefit all stakeholders in the project.

We deploy structural engineering knowledge and skills to all manner of structures,  such as aviation and transportation, sports and public assembly, educational, cultural and institutional, hospitality and gaming, commercial, government, healthcare, special structures, mission-critical, residential, etc.


Designing Structure for New Buildings

Designing structural framework for new buildings has always been a major focus of our services for almost six decades. Our decades of experience have revealed to us things that work. Each project is characterized by an uncommon blending of requirements and elements which makes it possible for us to invent and apply new solutions plus innovative designs. Our engineers have succeeded in building a body of knowledge which makes it possible for us not to rely on the usual way of executing projects.  Although we always look back to our past successes, we often set aside the way we did the last project and manipulate our structural solutions to suit the special needs of every project.


Structural Optimization

Striking the best balance among competing priorities is a major factor in the success of a project. While our engineers concentrate on maximizing our structural designs from the beginning to the end of the design process, the initial stages of a project provide the best opportunity to actualize aesthetic as well as performance objectives with optimal efficiency. Our generative and parametric modeling capabilities make it possible for our engineers to promptly analyze different options and focus on the superlative approach. We also provide peer reviews, value engineering, and constructability reviews on projects which were designed by other structural engineers.


Advanced Structural Analysis

We use a number of advanced analytical techniques to proffer difficult design problems. Our dynamic experience has transformed us into experts who are capable of proffering solutions to all manner of structural problems in locations all over the globe.


Structural Design for the Expansions of Building

When construction is concluded, the life cycle of a building just begins: its functions, uses, technologies as well as requirements are going to change as time progresses. Our structural engineers carry out a design for major expansions and additions to existing structures of all types, sizes, and qualities. These projects are capable of injecting fresh blood into an old structure, thereby giving it a new look,   enhanced functionality, and more space.


Kinetic Structures

Movable elements are becoming increasingly important components of the building – particularly in sports, cultural facilities, public assembly, as well as in sustainable buildings. Operable walls and doors, convertible seating, retractable roofs, create flexible, functional spaces which improve the overall experience of the user.

The successful incorporation of kinetic features needs mechanization and structural systems which complement each other. We collaborate with stakeholders of the project to determine the underlying functional requirements as well as their impacts on aesthetic objectives. We deploy the combined knowledge and skills of our construction engineering specialists, structural engineers, sustainability experts, and façade engineers to come up with a comprehensive approach to maximize the balance between efficiency, aesthetics, cost, and constructability.

We always go beyond the usual – we consider the whole range of systems, procurement options, and design consultants – to assist the project team to find integrated as well as comprehensive solutions which offer the best value for every project.

Specialized Expertise in Structural Engineering

Computational Analysis

Creep/Shrinkage Effects

Fatigue Analysis

Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis

Vertical Shortening Analysis

Vibration Analysis

On-site Engineering

We offer a wide range of representation and site observation services, such as periodic observations required for the majority of design contracts, observations as well as inspections stipulated by governing authorities, plus full-time on-site field representation.  Irrespective of the extent of our scope of services, each of our field representatives acts as a liaison who has direct interaction with the project architect, construction management team, structural design team, as well as third-party inspection agencies. We assist to coordinate relevant information with respect to making a clarification on the details of the document, confirming construction complies with the intent of the design and providing rapid professional points of view on a contractor’s alternative means or remedial work needed by non-compliant construction. All our site representatives have a wealth of experience and are well-trained in the design as well as field operations, highly knowledgeable in every aspect of construction and are capable of communicating directly with the team of project designers. We assist in ensuring that the project is built in line with the intent of the design and expedite action on the effective resolution of issues relating to construction.