Radon Gas Test

The Radon Gas Test undertaken by us assists in finding out whether radon gas in your home is more than acceptable levels stipulated by the EPA.

Radon  Cannot Be Seen with the Naked Eyes

Although you and members of your family can neither see nor smell the radioactive radon gas, it exists in all homes. Radon gas emanates from radioactive elements such as radium and uranium which are present in the soil.  Radon gas finds its way into the home through the foundation.

Radon Is  Very Hazardous

  • Radon is a radioactive gas found in every home that is capable of causing cancer.
  • 1 out of every 3 homes has  radon levels  which  are higher than the EPA’s  acceptable level  that is not harmful
  • A family with excessive levels of radon in their home has exposure to radiation that is 35 times more than what the NRC would permit in case that family has their home very close to a site of radioactive waste.
  • Radon happens to be the  major  factor responsible for lung cancer  in non-smokers,  in the words of the EPA

What Our Radon Test Entails

  • We position our radon detector in the home
  • Our radon detector tests samples of the air for a minimum of 48 hours
  • We then retrieve the radon  detector from the home and  give results to our client
  • Laboratory tests are  not involved

If your abode has more than the EPA radon acceptable levels, we will recommend to you the best ways out and the next steps to be taken.

Take a look at our Test for Radon Gasmarketing collateral.

What types of issues can the camera identify?

  • Roots of Trees– Existence of gaps in piping makes it possible for the roots of trees to penetrate the sewer line. When the roots get bigger, they can crack and break the pipes.
  • Low Areas – These areas make water as well as solid waste gather, thereby hindering free movement waste through the pipe.
  • Debris – Items get stuck in the sewer line, thereby obstructing the movement of waste via the pipe.
  • Offsets – There can be a severance of sections in the piping, making the piping to have an offset. It may be impossible for solid waste to remove this offset, and there will be seeping of wastewater into the encircling soil, resulting in an additional settlement, which makes the piping to break down eventually.

The collapse of Pipe–  Considerable settlement of soil around a low area or offset may result in total collapse of the pipe


A sewer camera inspection: What does it entail?

  • The inspector puts a flexible rod to which a high-resolution camera is attached, 100 feet down your major sewer line.
  • Transmission of image real-time makes it possible for the inspector to find out the internal condition of the pipe and gain an insight into any potential or existing problems.

Why is a sewer camera inspection necessary?

  • Water backup  within the house
  • Big trees in the yard
  • Considerable soil settlement
  • Clay sewer pipes
  • Reduction in sidewalk
  • The house is more than 30 -year old

Besides environmental inspections of ProTec, infrared scans make it possible to see things which cannot be seen with the unaided eye.  If any discoveries in the course of the home inspection require further investigation,  each ProTec inspector has an infrared camera.

Your inspector will make use of an infrared camera when:

  • Checking below bathrooms and kitchens for leaks following the testing of appliances and fixtures
  • Undertaking a scan of the  major electric panel  to detect overheating wires or breakers
  • Checking the ceilings at the upper level  to discover where the roof  is leaking
  • Inspecting the basement  to see where water  is leaking
  • Trying to find out  where water is leaking from plumbing or the walls
  • Identifying missing insulation
  • Trying to detect air leaks

A scan assists in no small measure to uncover ways of making your home more efficient. Put a call through today to have an infrared scan done for you!

Lawn Irrigation System

We undertake inspections of a sprinkler system for an extra fee from April to October (or while the sprinklers are turned on in the course of the inspection and the weather is not too cold).

We manually switch on every sprinkler zone utilizing the control panel.  Afterward, we check whether there are leakages, sprinklers are not working properly,  or sprinklers are spraying the apartment or are not reaching certain parts of the lawn.

Radon Testing

Radon is a radioactive gas which is capable of causing lung cancer.  It cannot be seen,  has no smell, and very poisonous. Before investing in a new house,  you must protect yourself and your loved ones by ensuring that Certified radon testing of National Radon Safety Board is undertaken by engaging the Inspection Services of https://www.protec-inspections.com/ProTec.

The majority of homeowners have no knowledge of the possible dangers inherent in the exposure to radon gas. You can reach out to us at (301) 972-8531 to book radon test at a giveaway price in Washington D.C., Virginia as well as Maryland areas.

 If you want radon testing to be carried out on business property, Click here for detailed information.


Radon happens to be a radioactive gas which occurs naturally. It is invisible,  odorless,  and tasteless.   Only radon test carried out by a Radon expert can tell you the presence or absence of Radon in your home.


Next to tobacco, exposure to radon gas happens to be the second largest cause of cancer of the lung in the  US


Approximately 21,000 deaths arising from lung cancer are reported each year owing to exposure to radon gas, according to the findings of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


The EPA makes a projection that one out of every three abodes has dangerous levels of radon in our area. This implies that a number of homeowners are endangered without their


Exposure to radon gas is very hazardous to health. However, the health risk can be eradicated with a very simple and almost free solution. There exist radon reduction systems that are capable of reducing radon in your abode by 99%. Even extremely high levels of radon can be minimized to levels that are non-toxic in every home.


Remove Risk via a Radon Test

Our reliable and professional radon test starts with placing a digital,  nonstop monitor in the livable area of your home which happens to be the lowest


Our radon test gathers reading on an hourly basis for no fewer than 48 hours and then the average of the period of testing is calculated.


Test results are made available shortly after the completion of the test.


Many abodes in Maryland such as those in Montgomery County and Northern Virginia like those in Fairfax County have tested positive to dangerously high levels of radon. Try to avoid a  long-lasting exposure to life-threatening concentrations of radon in your home.  Therefore,  book your test for radon today!  You can solve a radon problem with ease.  Take a look at the Referrals page of our contractors for radon mitigation experts you can rely on in your location.