Inspection for Termite Infestation

We inspect your house to find out whether termites are destroying any wooden part of your house outside or within your apartment.

Hidden Destruction Caused by Termites

Most of the time, termites destroy different parts of a house without the knowledge of the owner or occupants of the house.  The damage caused by termites can make you waste a lot of money on repair.

Prevention Is No Doubt the Best  Option

Knowing full well that  most of the infestations of termites  happen at the foundation of the house or  very close to the ground,  our team of inspectors  takes a very close look  at the wood  used for the basements,  crawl spaces, frames and window sills, support posts, supporting piers, sub-floors, joists,  porches or wooden decks, meeting points of wood  and concrete elements (i.e. porches or slabs, steps, cracks in bricks,  or expansion joints  where termites  often try to  enter),  debris and wood piles  plus debris  very close to the foundation,  such as exterior basement, fence posts, tree stumps,  door and window frames. 

What  Our Termite Inspection Entails

We closely look at the exterior and interior of the house and see whether there are infestations of termites and/or other wood-destroying insects and then give you a comprehensive report on termite inspection.When an infestation of termites is discovered, we recommend to you the best way of taking care of it.

Firms which provide solutions to termites’ infestations have a special talent for “finding” termites to ensure that they are asked to render service.  Our company, ProTec has nothing to benefit from rendering service to eliminate termites and other wood-spoiling insects,  you have our assurance that we are going to tell you exactly what we observed. Inspections of termites are an added benefit for all comprehensive inspections of the home.