Inspections & Certifications

From the interior to the exterior, we assess your roof, attic, flashing as well as other parts of your roofing system. Then, we report our discoveries with pictures plus comprehensive descriptions as required.

Types of Inspection

Repair Inspection

We carry out an inspection of your home on a  certain area of damage which you have instructed us to inspect.  Then, we give you an estimate of repair. This form of inspection attracts no charge.

 The Areas We Inspect

  1. Living area – This helps us in identifying the major location of the leak.
  2. Attic space – This enables us to know exactly where the leak is coming from the roof. It also enables us to check components of the ventilation system.
  3. Attic ventilation system – We evaluate the type of system that exists and how well it is functioning.
  4. Gutters – We determine the condition regarding how secured it is, the transition from the roof as well as the flow of water.
  5. Flashings at penetrations – We check if any material is deteriorating, aging,
  6. The condition of the material – We inspect the shingles as well as membrane to establish the remaining life expectancy.
  7. Valleys, peaks, etc. – We look at sensitive parts on the roof system and check for poor installation, rapid aging, or anything which requires maintenance.